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Customer Engagement Services

Our Customer Engagement Services (CES) enable you to use real-time data and AI to engage users as unique individuals through a very personal experience

About CES

Since early 2020 we have been in the process of significantly expanding to our technology base. Through CES (Customer Engagement Services) the latest customer engagement technology is available as a service. 


In 2021 we we release a number of demo's to highlight key elements of the CES infrastructure. To learn more visit out demo page

Hyper-personalized app, dialogue design

CES enables us to develop apps where user interactions are treated as a dialogue: a sequence of conversational question / answer “acts”. This should not be taken too literal and can be manifested in many different ways, not just limited as for example to a text dialogue in a chat window.

Challenges facing Dream Hotels

With now in the tours and activity business, luxury hotels like Dream need to re-think how they engage and connect with their guests.  Hotels can no longer wait for guests to arrive to begin the customer engagement process. 
Guests at upscale hotels are more demanding than ever. They want to feel special, pampered and appreciated. They expect one-to-one communications with the hotel before, during and after their stay.  

Technical support 



We can help you manage your applications on an ongoing basis. In addition, we can provide technical support so you can optimize and continuously improve your applications. 

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