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The case of Amplifon

Improve engagement, boost customer sales

"Working on an IT project often requires flexibility and user-oriented mindset to get the best solution for customers. Channel Affairs has provided our company with a unique combination of business insights, innovation with their products and flawless translation of high-level requirements into meaningful business solutions" 

Gabriele Sanguigno (Product Manager)
National Health Care
Amplifon Australia


With over 10 million customers, Amplifon is the world's largest hearing aid retailer. They empower people to re-discover the emotions of sound. Amplifon offers hearing aid products and services in 22 countries. 

To deliver innovative products and personalized services, Amplifon audiologists must understand the needs and requirements of every customer. 

Challenges facing Amplifon

As part of their strategy, Amplifon wanted a digital solution to strengthen their in-shop experience. To help customers make informed decisions, their audiologists needed to share complex information with them about hearing tests, insurance, the hearing aid and care options.  

Creating a unified solution is complicated because each country has its own legal, health and insurance requirements. 

How Channel Affairs adds value

To better understand the client’s challenges, we interviewed and spent time with several Amplifon audiologists. This enabled us to evaluate possible solutions and determine the best way to collect customer information. 
Channel Affairs then designed and built a customer engagement solution to help audiologists manage this complex process. The solution also made it easier for customers to quickly process the information the audiologist was sharing. We also worked closely with Amplifon to optimise the internal collaboration between countries.  

Challenges facing Dream Hotels

With now in the tours and activity business, luxury hotels like Dream need to re-think how they engage and connect with their guests.  Hotels can no longer wait for guests to arrive to begin the customer engagement process. 
Guests at upscale hotels are more demanding than ever. They want to feel special, pampered and appreciated. They expect one-to-one communications with the hotel before, during and after their stay.  

How Amplifon benefits 

Audiologists in more than 10 Amplifon countries are already using our solution.  It’s now easier for customers to process this complex information and make informed decisions.


As a result, sales and ASP have increased significantly, since customers are clear on what is needed for their health and what solution suits their needs. Amplifon has also been able to optimize the internal collaboration 

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