Use AI to create meaningful data

How any text based content can be transformed by AI into meaning full, structured data that can be used to drive many applications

The issue

All human communication is - technically speaking - unstructured. Common examples include:

  • Spoken language

  • Email

  • Typed dialogue in a chat

  • Form data in remarks fields

Any automated solution driven by human communication therefore needs this communication to be transformed. This is what A.I. can achieve.

The demo

As part of our CES platform we have developed a user-friendly tool to create meaningful data from any text input and also be used to train an AI for a specific domain.


So what you can check for yourself is:

  • Transformation of any entered text into meaningful data

  • See how this is done in 60+ languages

We can build CRM applications to improve your lead management.  Or manage your relationship with clients. Our multidisciplinary team  can guide you every step of the way -  from concept to development. 

How does it work?

The short version: 

Challenges facing Dream Hotels

 With now in the tours and activity business, luxury hotels like Dream need to re-think how they engage and connect with their guests.  Hotels can no longer wait for guests to arrive to begin the customer engagement process. 
Guests at upscale hotels are more demanding than ever. They want to feel special, pampered and appreciated. They expect one-to-one communications with the hotel before, during and after their stay.  


Why this demo?

We believe in collaboration, open source and the power of sharing ideas. We welcome any feedback and are open to any suggestions for collaboration.