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Demo 1: from unstructured communication to data

Transform unstructured communication to data

Any text based content can be transformed by conversational AI into meaningful, structured data that can be used to drive many applications. 


Human communication is - technically speaking - unstructured.


Common examples in business include:

  • Email

  • Typed dialogue in a chat

  • Form data in remarks fields

  • Dialogue in chat

So any automated solution driven by human communication needs this human communication to be transformed into data that is meaningfully structured for an automated system.


This is what AI can achieve and you experience this for yourself through this demo

The demo

As part of our CES platform we have developed a user-friendly editing tool to create meaningful data from text input. This to help you to get a better understanding of the potential of AI.


Check for yourself:

  • Transformation of any entered text into meaningful data

  • How this is done in 60+ languages


The technology

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