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The case of Smallsteps

Turn employees into brand ambassadors

"Together with Channel Affairs, we have optimized and expanded our customer journey. Due to the improved visibility and the manner of automated customer approach that suits our organization, we have improved insights and can act more data-driven.”

Miriam Kolken (Online Marketing)


Smallsteps runs 500 child care centers in the Netherlands. They offer day care, preschool and after school care for children up to 12 years of age. Helping each child reach his or her potential is their core value. 

Challenges facing Smallsteps

Currently, Smallsteps attracts new clients via traditional marketing efforts. They felt that they needed to improve this process. One of Smallsteps’ strengths is the high quality and dedicated staff members, who have daily contact with the children. Getting parents to tour a Smallsteps facility and meet the staff was critical to their engagement process. Parents needed to feel good and have confidence in the abilities of staff members.  Smallsteps wanted to involve them in the sales process.    

How Channel Affairs adds value

Since standard CRM solutions don’t address the needs of the day care market, we needed to create something that did. We designed and built a lead management system, which reflected the actual engagement process. We created an efficient and easy to use tool, which encouraged parents to tour a Smallsteps facility. We used open source software, which saved our client money. 

Challenges facing Dream Hotels

With now in the tours and activity business, luxury hotels like Dream need to re-think how they engage and connect with their guests.  Hotels can no longer wait for guests to arrive to begin the customer engagement process. 
Guests at upscale hotels are more demanding than ever. They want to feel special, pampered and appreciated. They expect one-to-one communications with the hotel before, during and after their stay.  

How Smallsteps benefits 

Today Smallsteps child care professionals are using our tailored software. It has contributed significantly to improving the engagement process with potential customers. Also staff members from the headquarters have more insight into the sales funnel and can act faster with developing new services, creating targeted campaigns and contacting with parents who seek more information. 

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