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Channel Affairs AI services / invitation to collaborate

For the last 2 years we have been working with our team to extend our capabilities by creating a services platform that will enable us to deliver smarter, customer centric and omni-channel applications for customer engagement.

In a nutshell our extended services platform consists of:

  • Cross platform applications development

  • End to end DevOps integration of design, development, testing and delivery

  • Component driven development leveraging monorepo architecture to ensure the highest code reusability

  • Integrated AI services for our applications

We are now only a few weeks away from launching 2 major parts of our integrated AI services. We have (code)named these “ToothFairy”, because we hope we can create a bit of magic…

  • ToothFairy API. Enables applications and services to be integrated with our neural network through a REST api

  • ToothFairy AI trainer: A cross-platform application that can be used by non-technical users to train their own neural network (as part of our services platform). ToothFairy AI trainer can be used to train the neural network for any domain in any language (it has already been pre-trained for medical terminology).

For now we have set up ToothFairy for Conversational AI (NLP and NLU), but the framework of our platform will allow for other types of neural networks to be included as well.

Invitation to collaborate

In Channel Affairs we believe that we can achieve more through collaboration with others. That collaboration will enable all of us to create high value services . That’s why we are actively looking for individuals, organizations etc. to include our network (or “eco-system”, if you like).

Additionally we are planning to release our code for ToothFairy AI trainer to our collaboration partners. Once it has been released we will also make it available to try out.

So if you are interested to know more about what we are doing and discuss collaboration please let us know (dm would be fine).


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