Case: develop an error free process for loan applications

The problem statement

The company needed a customized, user-friendly, highly flexible CRM solution based on the Wordpress structure that could be used across teams in order to organize sales and customer activities, improve efficiency and maintain a valuable relationship with the customers.


The challenge

Channel Affairs had to define an error free solution for proper data flow from the Wordpress site to the SugarCRM instance. API’s needed to be worked well and the process needed to be automated properly.


The solution

Channel Affairs implemented the SugarCRM open source solution. We developed new modules; customized other specific modules for Loan Providers, Customer Information, Applications, Loan Applications, Documents, and integrated the solution with the other websites (loan providers) and calling the API’s to know the status of the application of the customer and then updating the customer with an automated process.


Technologies used:

  • Sugar CRM

  • PHP

  • Apache

  • Wordpress

  • API’s


The results

Wordpress integration with SugarCRM enabled our client to automate the process and manage the customer relationship in a very efficient way. With the SugarCRM implementation, the client was able to bring in the customers directly in the CRM from their Wordpress website, and follow them up in an automated manner thus providing customer the value for their time and gaining the confidence in return.